LDW Group LLC Career Portfolio Service

Career portfolios are designed to help you as a professional provide with a complete presentation of your career profile.   The intended use of this document is to present it when you land the interview or when you need to make a full introduction of yourself and your professional experience.  The LDW Group LLC will develop a career portfolio for you that will set you apart from all other job seekers.


Go to your interview equipped and ready to tell your story!

At minimum, the portfolio will include the following elements:  cover letter, résumé, reference statement or list, recommendations, and certifications/awards/degrees.  Other items may include but not limited to:  publications, patents, etc.

The Career Portfolio Service includes:

  • Three copies of the finished portfolio with spiral or comb binding
  • A CD with original files in Word format, and
  • Unlimited consultation with your certified résumé writer until your portfolio is complete and delivered   

We can also provide custom packaging at an additional fee.


So let’s get started!

Step 1 –  Determine your Service Level:  (Custom packaging on any Service Level):  $75

Service Level ①:  $295

  • You already have a completed résumé and cover letter where minimal revisions will be needed

Service Level ②:  $395

  • You already have a résumé and cover letter but it will require critiquing and revision

Service Level ③:  $575

  • You need both a résumé and cover letter developed


Step 2 – Confirmation of your Service Level by the LDW Group LLC:

Complete the form to the right AND email your current résumé and cover letter to:  ldwgroup@ldwgroup.biz and one of our team members will review and confirm your Service Level within 24-48 hours.


Step 3 – Payment for Service:

Once your Service Level is confirmed, then you can make your secure payment below.


Step 4 –Begin the development of your career portfolio!

After payment for your Service Level has been received, we will contact you to set up a convenient time to begin your initial consultation.

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  • Disclaimer *
    I understand that my finished career portfolio has been created for my personal use. I also understand that the LDW Group LLC makes no guarantee that I will secure employment as a result of presenting my career portfolio.

Career Portfolio Service Level

Custom Binder (Additional Fee)