Dr. Woodard’s New FCD Completers

Posted by Dr. Linda D Woodard on February 10, 2018
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Standing: Maurice Menchan, Erica Mack, Deana Waite, and Pamela Walker; Seated: Temeka Lee, Dr. Linda D. Woodard, and JaVetta Fleury

Join me in congratulating my newest training grads on 2/10/18!

Today, Maurice Menchan, Erica Mack, Pamela Walker (standing); Temeka Lee, JaVetta Fleury and Deana Waite (seated) completed the Facilitating Career Development Training! Soon they will be joining the ranks of the thousands of Global Career Development Facilitators around the world! It was great having you do your training with the LDW Group LLC.  Congrats to you all!!!!!

New successful completers of the Facilitating Career Development Training with the LDW Group LLC (2-10-18)


For the monthly training schedule, go to or contact Dr. Linda D. Woodard at to set up training for groups of six or more!

Re-Invent Yourself!!! – Survival Tool #1

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What does it mean to be a Bent Arrow?
Someone who transitions (voluntarily or involuntarily) from one career to another
career focus AND acquires great skills to use at the next career venture.”
Dr. Linda D. Woodard


Have you recently faced a devastating job loss or it looks like you will soon be demoted from your
current position or have you concluded that it’s time to take the high road because you finally
accepted the fact that the value system of your company is diametrically opposed to yours?

If so, remember that Dr. Linda D. Woodard told you that…
LIFE IS NOT OVER–LIFE IS JUST BEGINNING!!! It’s time to Re-Invent Yourself!


Click the link below to enlarge and download Survival Tip #1 – ENJOY!!!!

Tip 1.dox





Click the link below to print out the flyer.

LDW Group LLC Train for the GCDF

Dr. Linda D. Woodard-FT Entrepreneur!

Posted by admin on July 18, 2017
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Yes, I bent my arrow again!

On June 16, 2017, I resigned my position as Associate VP of Workforce Education and Economic Development at FSCJ.  This is me on Resignation Day (May 30th). At the time of this photo, I was ready for something to take a leap of faith.  Once I made the decision to move on, a great opportunity presented itself for my company, the LDW Group LLC.  I responded to a bid prior to submitting my resignation, and as fate would have it, my company was selected! 

I am extremely excited about my new journey as the One-Stop Operator for CareerSource Northeast Florida.  More importantly, it’s nice to be appreciated for what you bring to the table!  It’s great to have transferable skills!  Fantastic things are in the making for the LDW Group LLC!


Check out the announcement sent out on July 10, 2017:

We’re pleased to announce that Dr. Linda Woodard, principal at the LDW Group LLC, has been selected as the One Stop Operator for our region. She’ll oversee coordination of service delivery of the One-Stop partners and providers in the Gateway Career Center.  Dr. Woodard will be in charge of coordinating services and developing MOUs with essential workforce programs and community partners such as Vocational Rehabilitation, Job Corps, state agencies and federal programs, and others.  The role of the One Stop Operator under WIOA is to facilitate integrated partnerships that seamlessly incorporate services for customers served by multiple program partners of the Center. She’ll also ensure that Center staff are trained and equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to provide superior service to job seekers, including those with disabilities, and businesses consistent with the requirements of each of the partner programs. She’s tasked with ensuring optimal customer service by providing continuous improvement of delivery of services of all One Stop partners and conducting regular meetings with program partners to identify and discuss opportunities and challenges and find solutions.

Dr. Woodard comes to us after a distinguished career in education, most recently with FSCJ, where she worked from 20152017. She served as Associate Vice President of Workforce Education and Economic Development, managing the registered-affiliated apprenticeship programs, the Continuing Education and Corporate Learning and Training Solutions units, and multiple workforce development grant-funded programs including the FL Apprenticeship Grant Program. She held senior-level administrative positions with Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio, Cleveland’s Metropolitan School District, and INROADS Inc.  She’ll bring her strong workforce experience and leadership to this new role in partnership with CareerSource Northeast Florida.


Ready for the new and exciting journey working full-time as the President of the LDW Group LLC!